Dot-Connect Data center integrated converged solutions

Hyper Converged Data Center Solution,  Integrated for Cloud Solutions.

  • Enterprise Fiber Optic Storage Controllers

  • High Speed Fabric network integrated for Cloud solutions

  • Enterprise Virtualization

  • Software defined data center solutions.


Dot Connect Product Family (6000 & 9000)

Architecture Specifications

  • Enterprise Server and Virtualization component

Industrial Standard cloud Line Nodes with Open Stack solutions are integrated.

Abstreams Cloud line virtual server solutions

  • High Speed Fabric interconnect Layout

Brocade- Broadcom fiber optic switches with advance Fabric integrations aligned with port based routing.

  • Enterprise Storage and Virtualization solutions.

Third generation Scalable software defined storage solutions capable of provisioning virtual storage, built to fit every specific customer need.

Each solution will comprise of the below list of configuration and abilities.

  • The Storage Area Network will either be structured using Brocade or Cisco MDS edge Fabric , Fiber Channel Capable Switches.

  • The connectivity with multi-pathing capability will be configured to generate up-to 128Gbps speed.

  • Two Node cluster solution with industrial standard cloud Line nodes.

  • The Storage will be FC & ISCSI compatible Scalable Flash/SAS disk Array, The Storage provisioning will be assisted with replications and thin provisioning licenses.

  • The total volume space through Dynamic capacity Management will be designed to fit customer requirements.

  • The FC network will have adequate capabilities for Trunking, fabric watch and Inter VSAN routing.

  • The Solution will be mounted in the standard Data Center 42U racks.

The Rack is 19 inch wide rack enclosure with rack mount rails 450.88mm. Each u=1.75”. Internal Rack unit height dimension of 73.5 inches.